Clean Tech

15 August 2019

Evolving Economy - Using technology to tackle growing electronic waste

Electronic waste – more commonly known as e-waste – refers to the disposal of broken or obsolete electronic equipment, and unless it is disposed of responsibly, it can have serious envi ...


31 July 2019

How are challenger banks disrupting the retail banking industry?

The past 2-3 years have seen challenger banks gain traction, with some attracting significant venture capital funding.


11 June 2019

How are established global financial institutions investing in technology?

The rising demands of consumers – nowadays driven by millennials and the tech-savvy – have resulted in global financial institutions (GFIs) increasingly investing in technology, to circ ...

Connected consumer

15 April 2019

Why it pays to play: Video games and the creative industries

Creative industries like media, film, music and advertising are playing an increasingly significant role in today’s digital economy, creating investible opportunities beyond the traditional technolog ...

Clean Tech

20 March 2019

Global water supply will remain stagnant

Global population is increasing while water resources remain the same.

Connected consumer

08 March 2019

Digital Economy : 30 years of the world wide web

We believe investment opportunities will be created as these digital-native millennials hit their peak spending years


18 February 2019

Investing in fintech's potential

In an ever-more competitive environment, identifying tomorrow’s winners and losers will be key to capitalising on the potential growth of the fintech industry.

Connected consumer

12 February 2019

How do dating apps make money?

Online dating is now widely, and increasingly, accessible thanks to the adoption of smartphones, and those in the market for romance can now easily search for potential partners using a variety of cr ...

Clean Tech

08 February 2019

Sustainability: What will your impact be?

As the impact of human activities on the planet continues to rise on the global agenda, sustainable living and responsible investment have become the clarion calls of our time.