Clients and members of the public are often contacted through various methods for the purpose of obtaining personal information. These details will likely be used to defraud the individual. There are various methods through which you can be contacted, cold calls, email or post, this list is not exhaustive, and these methods of communication will evolve with time. We are working hard to create awareness of the many different fraud types affecting unsuspecting victims and therefore highlight methods you can implement to protect yourself.

AXA IM does not make unsolicited calls, WhatsApp messages, social media messages or emails to their clients or members of the general public.

Here is a list of fraudulent domain names unrelated to the AXA Investment Managers (this list may not be exhaustive, in case of doubt, please contact,,,,,,,,, axatechviewou-ltd. com,,,,,,,

If you are concerned about any potential fraud in connection with AXA Investment Managers, please contact us directly using the below mentioned details; report to the FCA, Action Fraud or nearest police station.

Contact email address:

This ‘Anti-Fraud’ section is general information provided by AXA Investment Managers and does not constitute legal or binding advice within the AXA Group. AXA Investment Managers does not guarantee that the information is accurate or complete.
Some or all of this information may not be applicable to all jurisdictions.